In some cases when an old dog gets dementia they forget where they are and become very scared. They then climb into small spaces to try and hide.

On Tuesday 22 September, we had a sad rescue mission. Around 07:30 we received a phone call from a very discouraged client asking if we can help them as their old terrier was stuck inside the engine of their Toyota Fortuner. By that time the dog was traumatized and aggressive.

The owners had already been turned away by other vets in the area who weren’t willing to get under the car and work with the aggressive dog. Upon arriving at Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic, Dr Casper Van Heerden jacked up the vehicle and carefully injected a sedative into the dog.

After waiting for 10min until the dog was completely calm, Dr. Casper managed to free the dog from the engine.

The owners decided that it would be best to euthanase the dog and with the help of Dr Casper, he went peacefully over the rainbow Bridge.

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