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Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic previously enjoyed having Dr Kathy Mouzoures’s experienced hand looking after all the loved pets and their families up to 1 August 2020, when Dr Casper van Heerden took over the reigns. Dr Casper is a small animal veterinarian who prefers the best treatment, food, immunity, health and maintenance for all pets visiting Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic, as far as reasonably possible.
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Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your loveable, valued and special pet(s). We strive to treat them with the respect they deserve and to provide prompt, compassionate, and polite service to our clients in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Our Values

We value our relationships with our clients and their pet(s) and aim to give them first class care and attention.

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We strive to treat your pets with the respect they deserve.


Equipment & Methods

We use the best equipment available to us to identify the cause of the problem(s) our patients suffer from or need help with. An in-house microscope, refractometer (for urinalysis), X-Ray machine and blood biochemistry machine ensures that we can identify problems early and treat patients effectively when they need the treatment and help in maximising the quality of their lives. We are proud to announce the presence of a VetScan UA which helps us identify very early indicators of kidney disease or deterioration as a result of old age. This justifies better supportive treatment by means of diet and supplements available that we can use to manage kidney disease or deterioration. Therefore, we can give the treatment that your pet deserves to maximise his or her quality of life because our pets cannot communicate their problems or concerns to us as a human community.
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