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Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic previously enjoyed having Dr Kathy Mouzoures’s experienced hand looking after all the loved pets and their families up to 1 August 2020, when Dr Casper van Heerden took over the reigns. Dr Casper is a small animal veterinarian who prefers the best treatment, food, immunity, health and maintenance for all pets visiting Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic, as far as reasonably possible.

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When you choose the veterinarians at Garsfontein Veterinary Clinic to be your pet care partner, you can be assured your pet is receiving the most advanced veterinary care from experienced pet care providers.

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Puppy vaccinations, including Rabies

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Blood biochemistry test

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Excellent individualised care

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It would be great to meet your puppy for the first time to discuss the following:

  1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd vaccinations and yearly vaccinations thereafter
  2. External (ticks, fleas, skin mites & ear mites) & Internal (Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms, and Tapeworms) parasites.

Depending on what type of dog or cat you have it will differ. A very small puppy weighing less than 5kg’s will benefit from being fed three times per day up to the age of 8 weeks, but a puppy that weighs more than 5kg’s is strong enough and will easily settle into a routine of being fed twice a day. A small kitten of 5-6 weeks of age will also benefit from being fed three times per day up to when he/she is 8 weeks old twice daily feeding is 100% acceptable to establish a healthy eating routine like we as humans also need a healthy eating routine.

Generally, it is advised to sterilise small and medium-breed dogs at or before 6 months of age, and the same with cats; To limit urine marking indoors and protect small children and other pet members in the same family against a potentially aggressive dog castration at 6 months of age is advocated. It can be considered to sterilise larger or giant breed dogs at 12-18 months of age for other specific health and developmental reasons.

Yes, you can certainly come in as soon as it is possible for you because we all live very busy lives inside such a big city like Pretoria. Please remember that it is a priority to vaccinate small puppies and kitten at least 3 times 3 weeks apart to protect them against very common and omnipresent fatal viral diseases.

Currently, we work so hard during the day looking after our patients that we do not offer an after-hours service, but please visit us when you can during the day between 07:00 am in the morning and 19:00 pm at night. If you are running late, please call in and we will gladly make a special arrangement for you.

We are so happy to hear that your special pet has medical aid cover, we are in the process of streamlining payment channels between the major medical aid companies, but until that in place, we would highly appreciate it if you can settle your account with us and then we will gladly fill in any supporting documentation to facilitate the process when you submit your pet’s claim to the service provider.

If your dog or cat is struggling to eat, or eats slowly and cautiously, or has a foul-smelling breath or loose teeth, your pet will certainly benefit from an oral examination to determine what care it needs.

If your pet is scooting it’s bum on the grass or inside the house and has not been dewormed within the last 3 months, please come in and buy a veterinary quality deworming remedy that is guaranteed to work. All dogs in a household need to be dewormed every 3 months of the year (all of them together all at once), and the same for cats every 6 months of the year or twice a year.

We are proud to stock veterinary quality external parasite remedies that will suit your specific needs and the needs of your pet. They last for differing lengths of time and have different spectrums of activity, which we will gladly discuss with you (but it is beyond the scope of this text).

Unfortunately, we cannot support dogs or cats eating human food, because there are so many pets that suffer from dietary allergies and these poor patients are unable to communicate with their owners that: yes, the food tastes lovely but it makes me severely allergic and I do not know how to tell you that.

Pawsome Stories

Chanel girl healed
Chanel girl healed

Chanel girl with a seroma wound that finally healed.

Thank you Vetsbrand
Thank you Vetsbrand

Elvis Mynhardt with complimentary Vetsbrand Endovet dewormer and a lump that was examined

The 200 000km Service
The 200 000km Service

Boelie Steyn after getting his 200 000km service on all his teeth on day 1 and the 2nd day he went to Ziggy’s Spa for Dogs and got beautifully groomed. Hahahahaha 200000km service. Sweet!!

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